Hosts: Reek, Scott, Timo, Todd, and a billion guests

First off, congrats to our new friends Jacob and Katie who leveled up in both nerdiness and love by getting engaged at Gencon, then playing some awesome games with us. Congrats you crazy gamer kids!

So we’ve made it to episode 100. Exciting! For our 100th episode, we did a few things:

1) Reek, Scott, Timo, and Todd give their reviews of Gencon.

2) To turn the lens away from us and towards the gaming community which makes podcasts like ours possible, we did a whole bunch of shoving the microphone in people’s faces and making them answer a random question. Each participant rolled a d6 and then answered the corresponding question. Here’s the list:

1) What’s the best thing you’ve seen at gencon?

2) If you were a game system, what game would you be?

3) What mount do you ride into battle?

4) What are your dice superstitions?

5) What character in a game that you’ve played have you hated the most?

6) If you could game with anyone, real or fictional, from any time in history, who would it be?

Some of the names and voices you might recognize, most you probably won’t, but they’re all cool people, all gamers, and all having fun doing what they love, which is what we wanted to showcase.

And congrats to Meg and Josh BG, of course. You’ll hear it in there.

3) Finally, the Jank Cast formed a band and recorded a song called “The Epic of Jank.” If you want to download the song by itself in better quality than it is in the episode, you can click right here to get it. Otherwise, just want until the end of the episode and there it will be.

We mention so many things in this episode it would be hard to do show notes for, but some important ones bear mentioning:

The Walking Eye is an awesome podcast with awesome hosts.
The Brilliant Gameologists? Ditto. Super friendly folk doing a good show.
Jennisodes: get on board. Subscribe now.
Obsidian Portal? Check it out if you haven’t.
Pulp Gamer is a great podcast network.
Rifts makes a sweet hoodie.
Elder Sign, the game, looks awesome.
Hell 4 Leather, Zombie Cinema, Fiasco, 3:16, and Kagematsu are all games you should be playing right now.
New Start Trek space combat board game looks sweet.

That’s all. Thanks for sticking with our B.S. for 100 episodes. Hopefully we have enough hot air to fill 100 more!

You have been listening to The Jank Cast, copyright 2011 under the creative commons license. You can find out more about us at jankcast.com. All the music in the show is from the song, “Jank is a Dork Word” written and recorded by Todd and is used with his permission. You can send comments

and feedback to feedback@jankcast.com Again, we are sponsored by Chicagoland Games, and this is JOHNKELLY reminding you to support your local gaming store. Now go out and roll some dice.

6 thoughts on “Jank100!!!!!

  1. One more thing: if you are a listener, and feel like answering one of our six questions, please feel free to post your answer below. We’d love to get more answers to those questions.

  2. Roll 1d6. Result 4!
    Dice superstiotion. I was playing the old Warlord CCG in a tournament in Kansas City when I failed to roll anything above a 5 (on d20) for the entire game. I took it to work to try to melt it in an autoclave. After that failed I have had it locked in an isolation dice bag as punishment for the last 8 years. Some day I will think if a suitably awsome way to destroy its evil, but until then I have to prevent it from contaminating the rest of my dice.

  3. *rolls a 2*

    I think I would have to be the HERO system, because: 1) I love rules, 2) I’m so complex, even I don’t understand me, and 3) I believe that anything is possible if you have the right set-up, the right frameworks, the right combinations, and/or the right equations.

    Did anyone else from the Schmankcast take a shot at answering these besides Khan Jelly?

  4. 1 – My friends squabbling over rules, just like they (well, we) did 20 years ago.
    2 – Burning Wheel, because my success is based on statistics.
    3 – A pretty, pretty uncorn. Or Scott Bakula.
    4 – I have none.
    5 – I am in a love-hate relationship with my AW Skinner, Storm, dancer, teen prostitute, and cold-blooded killer.
    6 – Fiasco with Katharine Hepburn. Or S/Lay With Me with Scott Bakula.

  5. I rolled a 3. I would ride a megaladon with a chain gun mounted on his back, and rocket packs replacing his dorsal fins.

  6. I got 1 – The Carrom boards. Carrom is a game I played as a teen that I knew had history, but no one I know ever had heard of it.. I was really glad to see someone pimping the game, as it’s pretty awesome, and beautiful. I like seeing a traditional, historic game getting exposure.

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