Episode Fifteen: T.V. Taught Me to Game

The Jank Cast Episode 15: TV taught me to Game
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Timo, JP, Autumn, Scott

Jank Cast Contest #1: Send lyrics for a Jank Cast theme to contests@jankcast.com to win a $25 gift certificate and the chance to punch JOHNKELLY
Jank Cast Contest #2: Send a set of Arkham Horror characters to contests@jankcast.com to win a $25 gift certificate, an episode talking about them, and a copy of your characters. Here is a program for you to use!
Listen to JOHNKELLY on the newest Spooky Outhouse Showcase Episode 2: The Wap-Walking Jank with Kevin from the Walking Eye and Chris from Wapcaplets
Games we played this week: Conan, My Life With Master (sorta), Ideology, Arkham Horror, Ticket to Ride, Small World, Vampire LARP
1d10: JOHNKELLY (8), Timo (7), Autumn (4), J.P./Scott (Less than 8)
Main Topic: Games influenced by media
Marget Wise Production
Star Wars
Savage Worlds
Dresden RPG
Lord of the Rings

Autumn: Parents
JP: Hair, big hair
Timo: Life = Pain
JOHNKELLY: Batman Reborn *Spoilers*
Scott: GenCon

We have a microwave? We living in this high life bitches!

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