Actual Play 2: Misspent Youth, AP

Players: Charles, Megan, Reek, Rob, Timo, Todd

Here is the actual actual play portion of the actual play.

If you didn’t listen the the character/world creation posted yesterday, you might be a little confused (hell, you might be confused even if you did!) so here’s a quick rundown:

-Todd is GMing, which means in Misspent Youth that he’s “The Authority.” The Authority we created for our game is a sort of hyper-capitalist oligarchy called “The Board,” who are making everyone update their “social stock tickers” (the little watches which measure how much a human being is worth) to 2.0 soon.

-Timo is playing Levi, the rich son of a board member who likes to rebel against his father’s authority.

-Rob is Jet, a punk hacker who’s gotten in trouble for messing with people’s social stock tickers.

-Charles is Samara, Jet’s innocent little sister, ignored by their parents.

-Megan is Kira, an arty, misfit girl from the wrong side of the tracks, with “part-timer” parents.

-Reek is Warner, a handsome and popular kid with an attitude.

The game follows a seven-act structure which we’ll explain as we go along.

Tomorrow I’ll post the discussion/review we have after the game ended. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Actual Play 2: Misspent Youth, AP

  1. Awesome Ap guys. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m going to have to get a copy of the game and run it at some point in the near future.

    Also, Todd. Could you post a playlist for what was playing in the background during the AP I kept hearing it and I wondered what was playing.

  2. I can’t remember what was in the playlist, but I’m pretty sure I had some Sunheim, some Dust Brothers, and some Blackfilm in there.

  3. Nice Todd, thanks I’ll have to track some of that down.

    Timo, I noticed that you were swearing, but I also noticed that no one really called you on the fact that you were doing it.

  4. Rob Bohl, myself, and a few other folks had an e-conversation where this came up. It’s actually REALLY HARD to do a PG-13 game. We’re so used to just being like “I kill him” or “fuck this” that when you actually say “let’s pull that back,” you lose one of the tools in your gaming toolbox for making things intense, dark, meaningful, exciting, whatever. It was actually an interesting exercise and I recommend it if you’re used to being all killy.

  5. Sounds like an interesting challenge for gamers of any level of experience. I can see how it would be difficult to find ways to get around some of the options that gamers often turn to. I can also see that it would be pretty hard on a DM/GM/MC to keep things to PG-13, if that is what everyone is committed to because it can create the sort of situation that Todd described in the preamble for the review of the game.

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