Episode Fourteen: How Deep is it?

The Jank Cast Episode 14: How Deep is it?
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Timo, Lexx, Dylan, Scott, Autumn

Jank Cast Contest #1: Send lyrics for a Jank Cast theme to contests@jankcast.com to win a $25 gift certificate and the chance to punch JOHNKELLY
Jank Cast Contest #2: Send a set of Arkham Horror characters to contests@jankcast.com to win a $25 gift certificate, an episode talking about them, and a copy of your characters. Here is a program for you to use!
Games We Played this week: Call of Cthulhu, 3:16, Lexx’s Homebrew, Jovian Chronicles, Burning Wheel
1d20: Lexx (3), Timo (6), JOHNKELLY (18), Autumn (13), Scott (2), Dylan (Nat 20!)
Main Topic: Immersion
The Downunder Gamers
Forgotten Realms
Hero Machine
Houses of the Blooded

Scott: Battlestar Galatica *Spoilers*
Lexx: Family
Timo: Midsummer’s
JOHNKELLY: Zombies + Space = Awesome (Shout out to Juan 3K)
Autumn: Happy Father’s Day (Shout out to Autumn’s dad)

This has been the yank cast!

The Jank Cast is copyright 2009. Feel Free to use our content in any non-commercial way. All our music is by Streetlight Manifesto, Visit their website at Streetlightmanifesto.com. Send Feedback to feedback@jankcast.com Now go out and roll some dice.

Intro Music: Down, Down, Down to Mephisto’s Café
Transition Music: Somewhere in the Between.
Announcements Music: We Will Fall Together
Outro Music: Would You Be Impressed?

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