Episode 97: Gaming Aesthetics

Hosts: Todd, Timo

Banter: Doing something for Gencon, Self Critical Hits, Kevin Weiser.

What did we play: (05:00)
Turns out, we both only played Dread. it was a great session, and we talk a bit about the session. References to Heavy Rain (and the video about it). Dread creates visceral tension through it’s mechanic in a way that is pretty unique (Misspent Youth has a similar vibe). Releasing the axe: Bargains in Poison’d, pre-rolled Dice pools in Dogs in the Vineyard.

Main topic: Gaming Aesthetics (22:20)
Timo sent an email (22:35)
Overt exposition through dialogue or description (23:30)
Exposition to put questionable action in to context, i.e. it’s the character, not me! (24:45)
Pithy, witty dialogue (25:40)
Our sorcerer game as an example (27:55)
Pulp Fiction exposition has a different feel

Timo is about the Big Moves (31:45)
Subtlety in games: Todd’s Dresden Files RPG experience (32:20)
trying to understand why someone elses character does things (33:45)
Past history: Call of Cthulhu and doing SOMETHING (35:10)
games designer around big moves: Fiasco, Shock, Sorceror, Apocalypse World (36:10)
having to break up the action (37:45)
Being bad at exploration (38:10)
Other gamers: Megan plays grandiose Tennessee Williams characters, Rob focuses on relationships, Charles plays harried “normal” people (39:20)
What do you do with your aesthetic, and does it help to know about it? (42:23)
When aesthetics don’t work well together and the spectre of “Bad gamer.” (42:55)
Changing how you play (44:10)
Immersive play: Graham Walmsley‘s Playing unsafe (46:00)
Running a game towards specific players (47:00)
Same page tool, Baker’s Rules of Immersion (49:00)
The rocky road of Serenity. (53:15)
Forcing the interaction as the GM (55:35)
Apocalypse World 1st session to help get everybody on course (56:35)
catching or grabbing the players attention: bang! (58:10)
Speaking out loud to get it yourself (01:02:00)

Rants (01:03:15)
Todd: Camping in the heat: I will never be cool again.
Timo: I hate buying clothing.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 97: Gaming Aesthetics

  1. Timo, Dungeon World is really kickass if you want a light, sort of beer and pretzels D&D game.

  2. Great cast. Your two-person casts dig seem to dig a little deeper into the topic at hand than your larger casts. Whatever’s lost in multiple viewpoints is made up for in focus. I now want/fear to ask the guys in my group what my playstyle seems to be.

  3. Yeah, that’s kind of why we agreed on doing them sometimes. It has a different vibe.

    And, I should add, I would definitely suggest having your group talk about this. It was kind of interesting and fun to think about.

  4. aes·thet·ic [es-thet-ik]

    – adjective

    1. of or appreciating beauty
    2. artistic

    Is it just me, or were you using that word wrong?

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