Episode 96: Gamers in Transition

Hosts: Megan, Charles, Timo, Reek

Banter: We do Todd’s shtick without Todd, Pinot!, Lexx was a little Chewie, It’s Megan’s birthday, nihilists aren’t dark enough (in another world the escargot is eating you), $10 will still get you a magic pack, that damnable song, is it a life-drain jackal?.

Charles is leaving (7:40). This is where we sing the praise of Charles. He’s pretty awesome, and we really will miss him.

What did we play: (9:15)
Megan: Star Wars West End, Remember Tomorrow, Crazy MTG decks.
Reek: There is a huge void where gaming was. If no Scott, then China. That said, West End Star Wars
Timo: Remember tomorrow, House on Haunted Hill

Main topic:

Gamers in Transition (17:03)
Looking for a group in Kentucky (17:50)
Networking (19:20)
The fluidity of our group (19:50)
Trad process: Find a group, that’s your group thick and thin. (21.25)
It’s like going on a date (22:50)
When new to a group: jump right in (24:10)
Being welcoming of new people (25.40)
Story games can be a little personal (27:00)
The language thing (27:55)
When you have to play with these people (29:00)
Non-gaming relationships between gamers (30:05)
What happens with the breakup (31:50)
Being able to cherry pick people (32:30)
Social interaction that isn’t just RPG (33:50)
Group looking for people (34:45)
Mike’s first ed game (36:30)
Other organizational structures (38:30)
Jovian Chronicles: when you can’t find interest in your game (41:35)
Transitioning who you’re willing to play with (43:30)
The Audition (44:20)
Passive aggressiveness sucks (46:20)
The Indie Pimping: Dread is great to warm up to people (47:50)

Rants (50:05)
Charles: It sucks to leave Chicago gaming
Megan: It’s kinda odd that a lot of fantasy writers are old men writing preteen fantasy romance things
Timo: Why don’t people in the suburbs realise they live in middle of goddamned nowhere.
Reek went off to pride.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 96: Gamers in Transition

  1. I don’t think I ever had the pleasure of meeting or gaming with Charles, but I wish a bon voyage and best of luck to him and his couch.

  2. So, am I correct in understanding that a ‘living game’ is a series of ongoing adventures in a persistent world which may or may not involve a series of rotating characters?

  3. Okay, I have been wondering because the term has shown up on the cast more frequently and I had not heard a definition of the term. BTW I agree with Timo about clothes and how ludicrously expensive they are.

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