Episode Thirteen: Size Matters

The Jank Cast Episode 13: Size Matters
Hosts: JOHNKELLY, Timo, Scott, Dylan, Lexx, Autumn

Jim Butcher
Naperville is far away.
The Downunder Gamers

What did we play this week?
Timo: In a Wicked Age, Spirit of the Century, Britannia
Scott: In a Wicked Age, Spirit of the Century, Hollow Earth
Lexx: Hollow Earth, In a Wicked Age
Autumn: Spirit of the Century, In a Wicked Age
JOHNKELLY: Britannia, Chess, Tetris

Main Topic: Group Size
Dogs in the Vineyard
The A Team
Big Bill
Dungeons and Dragons
The Erotic Handbook

Scott: Time
Dylan: Suburbs
Lexx: Quick Shooters
Autumn: Chicago
JOHNKELLY: The best Joss Whedon fanboy rant ever!
Timo: Centaurs

Bear Swarm!

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