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This? This is apropros of nothing really. I just was thinking about Freemarket which made me think of new character ideas, which reminded me of another

email I had sent out to people with these ideas. So, here are some ideas for characters and MRCZ’s from Freemarket.

Yes, I know, you’re not supposed to create a MRCZ before you create the characters. But that doesn’t stop the brain from a’ticking. Plus, they can just as easily be antagonistic MRCZ’s. Plus, most of the MRCZ goals could be personal goals as well. But goals don’t a character make, but more on that later.

CHAR: An immigrant, parent to a dead child, who wishes to make that child again.
CHAR: a 1st gen unable to give up on the dream of the first MRCZ he joined
CHAR: A priest-confessor, an absolver of sin.
MRCZ: Trying to create a real hive-mind in the Donut
MRCZ: Creating a seedbank/gene store for all inhabited planets.
MRCZ: working on the designs for freemarket v2.
CHAR: Solomon the adjudicator.
MRCZ: Creating a defense grid for the station
MRCZ: weaponizing the data feed.
CHAR: Someone who wants to lose themselves completely by being switched, flooded and bled until nothing remains.
MRCZ: Creating a stone-age world. Those that agree offer up one life-cycle to live as a caveman.
CHAR: In the name of Ron Edwards: a purveyor of sexual memories (I’m thinking like the movie strange days), or a person MRCZ: looking to create the “perfect” sexual experience/memory.
MRCZ: Making space pumpkins: the gourds of the void!
CHAR: Learning the killing word: alternatively, the spice is life!

The one that I was just thinking of that caused this: a MRCZ that is about learning. Contract with them, they will go out and have the perfect learning memory that you need to learn a skill, then transfer it to you. This was spawned from me thinking about how would businesses evaluate their employees if training/learned skills weren’t an issue?

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  1. I can feel my super-villain sense tingling. I must learn the killing word.

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