Why I love Fiasco.

After thinking about it for a long time I decided why that is. And that has spurred me to write my first real blog post. I love simple reasons for the same reason that my favorite campaigns (for DnD, Cthulhu, ect.) are my favorite. I get to see the full arch of my character.

In a game of Fiasco you are taking that character and seeing the entire arch of the character from when you create them to where they end up because of one simple mechanic: The Montage.

While it might just be stupid teenage nostalgia the best campaign I think I ever ran (and

also got to play in when Dylan ran it) was a level 1 – level 18, year and a half long (with at least 1 8-hour session per week) of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. Why? Because we (the 3 – 4 players) saw our characters go from a weak little adventurer to kings (yes, it was that game). Then I epilogue killed all of them – mostly because I didn’t want to run those characters anymore but also because that is what had to happen I think, so that the players would have something to be better than.

The most fun game I ever played in was probably a living campaign for the Supernatural RPG where I played a misguided hunter who had made a deal with a demon before the game began. I got to see how the character evolved and did a lot of stupid things in order to try and get his soul back while still trying to be a Hero – despite totally not being a hero at all. He eventually became the indirect villain in the game. The campaign fell short due to con season and school starting back up again so I never saw how he would gallantly fail, because he had to fail somehow.

That is what I like in gaming and why I like fiasco. Complete stories. Get you from a to b. Done.

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