Episode 84: Anthropomorphic Gaming (aka The Janksters Get Furry!)

We talk about anthropomorphic gaming, i.e. playing non-humans. Lexx and Scott say I’m going to link a bunch of stuff in the show notes, but there’s no way I’m doing a google search for “squid chair” to link it. My gmail adds would be CRAZY after that.

Hosts: Ben, Lexx, Megan, Rob, Scott

Show notes:

Bumper: Canadians.

Banter: Putting unpleasantness behind us. SuckerPunch is dumb, but pretty. Feed your head! I should sue SuckerPunch. Sounds good to me. Squids. Autotuning. Happy birthday Nathan Fillion.

Topic: Anthropomorphic gaming. Like, serious non-humans.

Question one: Sex. Obviously.
Sentient free willed beings that want GOOOOOOOOLD!!!!!
Archetypes or arbitrary types? Are non-human characters just a focus on one aspect of humanity?
We’re still dealing with things that are mostly human.
Human/animal hybrids.
Isn’t this just what roleplaying is?
What’s interesting about this: we can explore the dualism of humanity. Rational/animal.
Was Whitewolf was going for this conflict in Werewolf?
Rob likes to play characters that have an animalistic side because he likes to role-play something that isn’t him.
Dawg the RPG: Canine Compulsion rules.
Lexx is rigid. Ben is open to the secrets of the universe.
Watership Down, the cartoon.
“A strange desire for carrots and sex, not necessarily in that order.”
Rob puts his book learnin’ to good use: KAFKA!
Sorcerer = What Kafka could be.
The danger of playing an alienated character.
Act out because you have an interesting character, not because you want to be transgressive for the sake of transgression.
The sociology of animals.
Inevitably, dolphins come up.

Ben: Manly commercials think men are stupid and women are harpies. This seems incorrect.
Scott: The circle of death.
Rob: Sykpe group video blew it.
Lexx: Furries.
Megan: Everyone at the fest got the flu.

Also: Megan will perform nerd themed burlesque at GenCon. Woot.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 84: Anthropomorphic Gaming (aka The Janksters Get Furry!)

  1. I have a friend that runs an anthropomorphic cat in EVERY game that he plays in, regardless of the system. I’ve never much seen the attraction, myself. As Ben was saying, there are more than enough bestial instincts in the human psyche (or dwarven or alien psyche, etc.) to explore without taking on the physical characteristics. Ah well, to each his own…

  2. Dogs in the Vineyard? Anthropomorphic cat. Little Fears? Anthropomorphic cat. Prime Time Adventures? Anthropomorphic cat.

  3. I would imagine so, he’s very consistent. Of course, I’d love to see how he’d handle it if he ever got in a game of DAWG. 😉

  4. Man, I didn’t even think of that one. “So what breed of dog am I? Anthropomorphic-Cat-Dog.”

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