Episode 83: Comics and Gaming, in honor of C2E2

Hosts: Charles, JOHNKELLY, Scott, Todd


(I’m super busy getting ready for a conference, so I don’t have time to add links to all the fun stuff in the show notes. If something sounds cool, you’re going to have to google it!)

Bumper: Fuck Timo, and Fuck That Game Too.

Banter: Todd’s neighbors bring the funk. Scott’s back from China and he brought show and tell! IHOP has fried chicken and waffles. Sweet. Halal KFC leads to CHICKENGEDDON! Sweet Chinese mugs. We’re not sexist here on the Jank Cast. We get our Pocky on. TROLLJERGEN!!! The Windy City Burlesque Fest: Megan brings the boobs to Chicagoland. Coming attractions on the Jank: THE CAST OF THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE BOOBS! Kids these days. Majdi is a celebrity and is, hence, too good for us now.

What did we play?
JK: D&D and Stratego
Scott: Wrath of Ashardalon
Todd: Lady Blackbird, Serenity, Zombie Cinema
Charles: Lady Blackbird, Zombie Cinema, Dresden Files

Main Topic: As part of our Media and Gaming series: COMIC BOOKS!
Scott talks about C2E2
Scott claims that Corey Glover from Living Colour is Danny Glover’s son. He isn’t. But it’s a sweet rumor, so just keep telling everyone he is. Either way, click here for awesomeness.
Scott’s definition of a perfect woman.
What can comic book storytelling teach us about

It’s a discrete story.
We’re going to talk about Batman. A lot.
Comic books can give visuals but also text description.
What’s so Civil about War anyway?
They have a very complicated world with lots of characters.
Our Valued Customers
We can use them as inspiration for how to plot a game.
Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud: Aspect to Aspect Storytelling.
The arrangement of panels on a page is a part of storytelling.
Locke and Key
Usagi Yojimbo: Telling a story just with visuals.
Blah Blah Blah: our new game.
Don’t attack Superman’s strengths, attack his weaknesses.
Who is the Villain?
Favorite superhero systems to play. Suggestions:
Godlike/Wild Talents
Mutants and Masterminds
Mutant City Blues
Marvel Superheroes
Heroes Unlimited
How do you balance a superhero system? Should you even bother? JohnKelly says maybe. Todd says no, just skip the realism and balance and go right to outcomes.
Todd says “Captain Marvel” but means “Wonderman.”
We complain about some of the superhero posters on the wall of Chicagoland Games.

JohnKelly: Have you seen this Majdi?
Scott: Future trains!
Charles: Most positive rant ever.
Todd: Wonder Woman is having a rough time

You have been listening to The Jank Cast, copyright 2010 under the creative commons license. You can find out more about us at jankcast.com. All the music in the show is from the song, “Jank is a Dork Word” written and recorded by Todd and is used with his permission. You can send comments and feedback to feedback@jankcast.com. Again, we are sponsored by Chicagoland Games, and this is JOHNKELLY reminding you to support your local gaming store. Now go out and roll some dice.

4 thoughts on “Episode 83: Comics and Gaming, in honor of C2E2

  1. Hyperion and Sentry are Marvels answer to Superman, there is a difference in calling DC Captain Marvel Shazam because there is also the wizard Shazam who gave Billy his powers.

  2. Thanks for the info, Reek.

    Oh, hold on…

    I think you dropped this gigantic nerd penis you whipped out over here. Want it back?

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