Frakkin' Toasters – A BSG Fiasco

Hey Fiasco fans – I’ve taken advantage of the recent

Snowpocalypse here in Chicago to finish up not one, but two new Fiasco playsets. Here’s the first one, for all the BSG fans: Frakkin’ Toasters – A BSG Fiasco.

I know you’re all Cylons, but that’s cool. I like toasters.

3 thoughts on “Frakkin' Toasters – A BSG Fiasco

  1. That looks pretty good. I might be able to trick some of my more trad-gaming friends into playing Fiasco with this! Suckers!

  2. Curious how I can find a copy of the Fiasco playset – Frakkin’ Toasters? Would love to play it as a group of friends have found the joy of this game and your playset sounds great! 🙂

  3. Hey Mark!
    Unfortunately, Frakkin’ Toasters disappeared when our Chicago Indie Gaming page was deactivated. I will look through my files and see if I can find another copy of it. -Megan

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