An entrepreneurial opportunity…

Do you like games? Do you like noodles? Do you have a couple of hundred thousand dollars to kick around? Well we’re looking to open a restaurant/gaming house called custom essays uk “House of Games and Noodles,” and this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. You give us a bunch of money, hire a staff to cook delicious noodles, and run the business. We maintain a majority holding in the business so we make a bunch of money, and spend all our time eating and gaming there. You can’t lose!

On top of that, we’re also looking for a few million dollars to open the “Realms of the Forgotten Retirement Home for Gamers,” a retirement community for gamers 65 and up. Same deal as above: you pony up a bunch of money,

hire a competent staff, and run the retirement home. As we age up, we retire there and reap the benefits.

These opportunities are just waiting for you to throw money at them. So ask yourself: don’t you want to support our leisure? Don’t you?

7 thoughts on “An entrepreneurial opportunity…

  1. Good luck with that…. let me know if you find a suc… er “Investor”.

  2. I have dreamy visions of a quasi-communal retirement. You’re welcome to join, but you’ll have to put up with a support staff of flirty men that all look vaguely like Scott Bakula. Rrowrrr.

  3. @Joe – Sounds good to me, as long as they don’t mind a crazy old lady calling them “sugar dumpling” and occasionally reliving her salad days, stripping to the Bingo numbers in the rec room.

  4. Sorry guys, saving all my cash to eventually open up my own business idea, “Game Masters’ Realms” (TM). Let me know if you ever get that Games and Noodles place up and running though, and I’ll be first in line as a customer.

    Damn, getting hungry thinking about it now…

  5. Damn, if only I hadn’t given my money to that Nigerian prince I totally would invest in both of those businesses.

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