Episode 76: Gamers vs Sports Nerds with Scott and Lexx

Hosts: Scott, Lexx

Scott and Lexx take a few minutes of time to talk about sports fans and gamers. They have fiery opinions that are loudly vocalized. LOUDLY. The Cast as a whole is sorting out some scheduling things, so this is a short bit to keep you occupied until we get back to your regularly scheduled.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 76: Gamers vs Sports Nerds with Scott and Lexx

  1. Lexx, I would like to say that I agree with you, I think that the people who get snarky about sports are just being elitists and should lighten up a bit, you are right it is a part of the society that they belong to, and to remove oneself from something so prevalent is asinine.

    But I think I have to disagree with you about X-Crawl and Blood bowl. I enjoy the hell out of Blood bowl with the small league ( there are like 4 of us) at my university. But I know the guy who wrote X-Crawl (Brendan Lasalle is a friend of the family) and I don’t understand why it or Blood bowl are any different than any other sort of sports game. If you want to break it down, playing a game like those two is not really any different than playing fantasy baseball, except you are adding in stats of current games and players instead of playing through the games (as you would in the case of any sports video game, which is just 3D fantasy sports). I may be overreacting because I am closer to the issue than normal, but in my opinion those games are no more absurd than any other sort of gaming, when taken out of context. You are still sitting down at a table and playing an imaginary game with other people, who cares if you are flying through space blowing up the Death Star or if you are a dwarf who is running through a simulated dungeon for the amusement of the masses. Hell, I’m fairly certain that at some point in almost every gamer’s career they have experienced at least one arena battle or death match of some variety.

  2. As a gamer and a rabid sports fan, I call bullshit. Off air, we’ve already decided we’re going to revisit this one and I plan on putting Scott and Lexx to shame. Shame, I say.

  3. Wait a second…. I sense an 80s Slobs vs. Snobs comedy coming on!

    William Zabka: Whatever, nerd. You’re a girl. And a nerd. You can’t talk about sports. I’m going to go lift weights and do karate. Nerd.

    Megan: I’ll show you! I’ll get all my scrappy friends together and we’ll make the best gaming and sports podcast ever!

    William Zabka: Pfft. Sure. I’d like to see you try. In fact, if you do that, I’ll convince my dad not to bulldoze the animal shelter to build his corporations new gun factory. But there’s NO WAY that will ever happen! HA HA HA!!! Let’s go boys. We’ve got some nuns to beat up.

  4. William Zabka played Rick in Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s good to know he’s still taking classy roles.

  5. Hot Tub Time Machine = 80’s exploitation of the highest order.

    So Scott, Lexx, what’s up? Was there a game on Sunday, or something?

    Actually, while I detest football, I’m a huge baseball fan; I’m not sure where that puts me on the slob/snob continuum. I’m also not sure if this cast was a prelude to a “Gamer Stereotypes” episode, but if I had to list them, I’m sure that “Don’t Like/Play Sports” would be in the top 5.

    At any rate, let me know if you wind up with a fantasy baseball league with an open slot, and I’ll sign up if I can devote the time. That is, if you think you can handle the “pain.”

  6. I watch sports…
    Sumo, not that fake WWE stuff.
    Grand Tour Racing, not Nascar. There is more to racing than just left turns.
    Fencing, because Football is just 2 groups of guys fighting over a piece of pigskin.

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