Yeah. That’s right. We went there. So the episode we record on the 28th will be a Turkey-day feast for the ears called Janksgiving (okay, I’ll stop now). We’re going to talk about why we’re thankful (get it? Wink, wink!) that we’re gamers.

To make this the kind of life-affirming, tear-jerking schlock that awards committees eat up (Oscar, here we come!) we want YOU (yes, YOU!) the listeners of the Jank Cast to send us an e-mail and let us know what you’re thankful for with regard to gaming. This could be funny, heartfelt, fanboy/girlish, whatever. Interpret it how you want. We’ll then read some of them during the cast, and maybe post some others on the site.

Sound good? So e-mail us at feedback@jankcast.com with what y’all is thankful fer and we’ll read it over the interwebs.

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