Episode 69: Gaming Obsession

Hosts: Timo, Megan, Lexx

Ok, an apology is neccessary. We’ve been late a couple weeks in a row now, and it’s totally my (being Timo’s) fault. But we’ll be better from hereon in, we promise! But this does mean that some of our things are time shifted by a week. For now, enjoy our latest endeavour (In which we classify our problems).

Banter: The babysitting list, CTA Incidents the halloween version, Robert Evans on Sportscenter, the stores anniversary

Main topic: Gaming obsession (3:20)
Lexx’s job is basically to be an addict (3:20)
Drug dealers should do their own drugs (4:15)
Being a gamer addict can be hard on the monies (5:00)
Dragon hoarding: It’s not need it’s want (07:45)
Transformers segue (08:05)
Childhood behaviour and the saving and packaging thing (10:10)
Is it about the personality and not actually about gaming (12:00)
We invent things to be obsessed about (13:20)
Lexx, APBA, and Finning out (14:10)
Different styles of addiction (16:10)
Is obsession different for gamers? (17:30)
The signs of addiction (19:30)
The list breaks down: Gaming is a social activity (20:50)
Megan’s gaming is humiliating (shyah right) (21:40)
Why is it ok for cat’s and not for people (the kitten limit) (23:00)
Social isolation of a group (26:25)
The character builder thing (and the alternate) (28:05)
Making characters just to make characters (29:50)
Just being focused on some things is not the same as obsession (31:50)
But gaming obsession is a real thing (people, just bathe) (33:45)
Gamers encourage and praise obsessive behaviour (or Lexx just projects) (35:30)
Escapism: can be good, but can be bad (37:10)

Rants (38:45)
Megan: Burlesque performers should be more understanding with their fake blood.
Timo: I need to stop getting punched in the face.
Lexx: Chicagoland Games 2nd anniversary (October 31st)

You have been listening to The Jank Cast, copyright 2010 under the creative commons license. You can find out more about us at jankcast.com. All the music in the show is from the song, “Jank is a Dork Word” written and recorded by Todd and is used with his permission. You can send comments and feedback to feedback@jankcast.com Again, we are sponsored by Chicagoland Games, and this is JOHNKELLY reminding you to support your local gaming store. Now go out and roll some dice.

One thought on “Episode 69: Gaming Obsession

  1. So who wound up winning your 1989 season, Lexx? My brothers and I used to play a lot of APBA but I don’t think the ’89 Cubs ever wound up in the playoffs, as they did in reality. They really won a lot more games than their stats would suggest to wind up in first place that year.

    Happy Anniversary, CLG!

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