Fear not the change, for it brings only gooooooooooood…

Don’t be frightened, delicious friends. We’re changing our look and feel, playing around with something that seems a little more… janky. So if things seem different and terrifying, just take comfort in the fact that everything is the same behind the scenes. So quick notes: We’ve changed the tags so that the cloud shows the names of our hosts. You want to see what episodes a specific host was on? Just click that link. All our static pages can be accessed by the dropdown menus up top, as opposed to on the side.

Things will continue to be tweaked from hereon in. Just remember two things: It’s the same but better. And you are nothing without us. NOTHING.

Oh, and feedback is appreciated.

One thought on “Fear not the change, for it brings only gooooooooooood…

  1. Pretty! But this:

    “And you are nothing without us. NOTHING.”

    has got Whitney Houston stuck in my head.

    I have nothing, nothing, nothiiiiing if I don’t have yoOoOoOouuuuu…

    Now I want to play the Fiasco rock star playset as Whitney.

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