Q. How long have you been playing Games?

SINCE THE DAWN OF TIME!!!!!  Or about 20 years, with a large break in my 20s.

Q. Do you only play role-playing games, or do you also play board games or card games?

I don’t play too many card games, but I do like board games and video games.

Q. How did you get into RPGs?

Via comic books.  I bought the TMNT role-playing game in like, 5th or 6th grade because I liked the old TMNT comic books.  I bought the TMNT game entirely because it was TMNT and then was REALLY, REALLY confused.  It didn’t help that it was Palladium so the rules were some total Calvinball stuff.

Q. Okay, what’s with the Clint Eastwood Tats?

When I’m threatened they come to life and defend me.  

Q. How did you get invited onto the Jank Cast?

Timo said “hey, come to the Jank Cast.”  I said “No.”  He said “no, really.”  I said “pay me.”  He then backed up the money truck.

Q. Why do you continue to do the Jank Cast?

Did I not just mention the money truck?  The Jank Cast is putting my hypothetical kids through college! There’s a lot of money in podcasting (editor’s note: there is not any money in podcasting, Todd is kidding).


2 thoughts on “Todd

  1. I’m listening to the backlog. Depending on the year you got married, there were either one or two arcades on the Strip. The Coney Island Emporium is still there. Spielburg’s arcade, Game Works went out of business March of 2012, but is coming back this year. There are places to play video games if you ever have to go back to Vegas again.

  2. Good to know. Although, to be honest, I could do with NOT going back to Vegas again. Having said that, if I do, I will DEFINITELY hit up some of these places.

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