Scott'd think he'd be wise in his old age.'d think he'd be wise in his old age.


How long have you been playing games?

A. Since 1987.

Q. What types of games do you play?

A. Role-playing games, miniatures games. Those are my favorites, but I will play anything that I like the theme and mechanics of.

Q. What is your favorite Role-Playing Game?

A. Wow. Legend of the 5 Rings…or RIFTS with mega damage. You put that in and I’ll kill you.

Q. How old are you?

A. 40.

Damn that’s old

A. Damn, I’m gonna kill you and get away with it.

Q. Why do you do The Jank Cast?

A. I was asked by Lexx to join one episode and I realized that in the years of the experience that I have been gaming (which is longer than JOHNKELLY’s lifespan) that I have a lot to say, and some of it might be interesting.

Q. Why are you gone from the cast for long periods of time?

A.My job requires me to travel to China four months out of the year.

Q. What’s your advice to the masses?

A. Don’t be a dick.

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