Timo of the Mooselands

Yeah...that's Timo

Q. How long have you been gaming?

A. Since Junior High.  Started off playing the D&D box sets, creating a whole group of characters named Timo (I think I got to Timo the 10th, actually).  After that, I picked up and fell in love with Mage: The Ascension, and have been playing off an on ever since.  In college I fell in with a bunch of layabouts and braggards headed by this wildly staring weirdo called Alex, and that ended up with me here.

Q. What types of games do you play?

A. RPG above all else, followed by board game, video games and then some regrettable time spent on card games and mini’s.  Theme is more important to me than anything else, and a “why” for anything.

Q. What is your favorite Role-Playing Game?

A. I have to say Dogs in the Vineyard, by Vincent D. Baker.  It was the first “indie” game that I played, and the purpose of the game really struck home for me.

Q. Why do you prefer Independent RPGs?

A. Indie RPG’s in general speak to a problem that I’ve always had with classical games: nothing is more annoying than being stymied by things that are utterly unimportant to me.  And I hate the idea of player as supplicant to the golden idol that is the DM.  I don’t know, I like the simple fluidity and grace offered up by a lot of these games, with systems pared down to just what you need, and an emphasis on having everyone at the table taking real, honest control of parts of the story.

Q. Why do you do The Jank Cast?

A. Pompous ass that I am, I have a lot to say.  And I like the sound of my own voice.  And because it’s fun to get together with friends regularily and talk about something that is so important to me.

Q. What’s your advice to the masses?

A. Bow before the moose lords.  Actually, what the hell, advice?  I’m not one to give advice.  Probably just grow a spine and take initiative, because as long as you keep letting the DM just push you to do what he wants, your  still just a puppet with his/her/it’s hand in a very uncomfortable place.

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