About The Jank Cast

The Jank Cast is a (mostly) weekly roundtable discussion about gaming and gaming communities. We do topic episodes, actual play episodes, and interviews. Our podcast covers experiences at the table, game design and gamer culture. We play and love a broad variety of games, and we want you to play and love them too.

Our core hosts are Megan, Scott, Timo, and Todd. Past core hosts have included Lexx, JohnKelly, Majdi, Dylan, and Reek. We also try to have as many guests hosts as we can.

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What’s up with all the hosts?

A: We have always attempted to represent the people in a community with diverse opinions, and not just the thoughts of the core hosts. As such, we have had both many core hosts and guest hosts. Because the cast has gone through so many changes in hosts, the content of the cast has changed a great deal and, as such, the earlier episodes are very different from more recent episodes. For example, only one of the current core hosts (Scott) was on the show at the beginning.

Q: I’m a new listener. Since the cast has gone through so many changes, where should I start listening?

If you’re new, we recommend starting with the new episodes. Here’s why: you may prefer one time period of the cast or another, one set of hosts or another, or enjoy all of the above, but if you are a new listener we suggest working your way backwards instead of forwards (i.e. start with new episodes and proceed backwards to old episodes) as the new episodes reflect both the current and future format and hosts of the cast. Having said that, the early episodes are also a good listen, and you should check them out as well.

Q. What does the word Jank mean?

A. Jank is a noun, meaning crap, or crappy while still awesome. That basically describes us. I mean, we kinda suck but then again, we are so freakin’ sweet at the same time.

Q: Where do you record?

A: All over the place, based on the hosts’ availability. We’re busy folks and this is a hobby, not a job, so we have to record where and when we can. This means that audio quality can vary from episode to episode as we are often recording in different places with different equipment.

Q. You keep mentioning Chicagoland Games. Who exactly are they?

A. Chicagoland Games (CLG) is a local gaming store located on Chicago’s northside where we run our Jank on Demand events. They provide the gaming community with a place to buy their gaming needs, and best of all, free gaming space. They not only offer in store Role-Playing Games, including RPGA run Living Forgotten Realms but they also have a wall of over 300 board games that are free to borrow for anyone who wants to play. They are located at 5550 N. Broadway Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Call them at 773 728 3657. Their website is www.chicagolandgames.com

Q. Who is Spooky Outhouse?

A. Spooky Outhouse is…well that’s a good question. They are a group of podcasts, mostly gaming related, that we are a proud member of. Their goal is:

“As a media production and marketing company, Spooky Outhouse Productions is committed to making a name for good quality content on the internet and matching potential consumers to content producers.

As a new media community, Spooky Outhouse Productions is committed to providing a friendly community in which media producers can come to looking for help and maybe some cross-promotion.”

You can find more about them, and find more awesome shows at www.spookyouthouse.com

Q. Does the Jank Cast make any money?

A. No, with a vengeance.

Q. What is Jank on Demand?

A. Jank on Demand is a monthly gaming event that the hosts of the Jank Cast put on at Chicagoland games. Modeled off of Games on Demand, we bring along a large supply of the games that we know and love and offer to facilitate, GM or otherwise run those games for anybody who turns up. Usually on or the other of the casters will have a game prepared. The events take place on a Saturday, from 2pm to roughly 8pm, and we tend to get 2-4 discrete games played.

Q. That logo is badass! Where did you get it?

A. That was drawn by our fan Graeme Comyn. It’s a reference to the creepy, mutant pigeons we called “pleasebirds” from our Apocalypse World AP. If you go to the Jank Store, you can buy shirts with the picture on it.

Q: What about the logo of the hand holding the D20 mic?

A: That was done by our friend Marnie Galloway. Check her work out here. You can also buy merch with this logo on it in the Jank Store.

Q. Who is on the logo you have of the 8 cast members?

A. Going from left to right we have Lexx Vader, Timo-9000, YoScott, anime Reek, super-deformed JohnKelly, intergalactic space-cop pin up girl Megan (high concept, right?), guy with axe Todd (low concept, right?), and a very LARP-ed out Majdi. It was drawn by Chris Foulk.

Q. How can I keep up with the news in Jank?

A. other than this webpage, we post links when new episode appear on our Twitter feed, our Facebook page and our Google+ page.

More questions? Send them to feedback@jankcast.com

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