JANK 200!

Hosts: Jenn, Joe, Megan, Scott, Todd

Here it is, folks! Our 200th episode! Whoo!

So we decided to do something a little fun for this one. Megan is starting up a series of interviews with gamers on why they game. As such, we decided to, for our 200th episode, talk about how we got into gaming and what we get out of it. We also do a fairly lengthy rundown of what we played recently which includes D&D, Spark, World Wide Wrestling, and Sorcerer, as well as have a LOT of banter because it’s been a while since we’ve talked. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


14:00- Intro the show, finally.
29:00- Topic
1:05:00- Rants!
Jenn- Fuck lupus.
Joe- Working too much is not good for me.
Scott- D&D is the same the world over.
Todd- Memories and social media. What’s the deal?
Megan- Plug ALL THE THINGS! Particularly JANK AT THE MOVIES, which you should be getting in on, if you’re not. Seriously, Megan’s got a lot of plugs.

Episode 198- What’s Up With Licensed Games?

Hosts: PK, Scott, Todd

In this episode, we talk about licensed properties with friend of the show PK Sullivan. PK knows a little about licensed properties having worked on the Firefly RPG. Additionally, PK and Scott LURVE them some Star Wars properties.

I totally forgot to write down when everything happens in this episode, so no sh’notes.

Also, support Time Cellist on Kickstarter!

Actual Play: Lady Blackbird, Part II

Players: Dr. Boyfriend, Joe, Megan, Timo, Tom

The second installment of My Life With Blackbird… I mean, Lady Blackbird.

Minor content warning: there is a scene where it somewhat implied there was a sexual assault, although it (a) happens off camera and (b) turns out to not be what it seems. Please be forewarned if hearing that would bother you!

Episode 197.5- Time Cellist!

Hosts: Megan and Todd

In this shorter than usual episode, Megan and Todd take a little bit of time to talk about Time Cellist and plug their ongoing Kickstarter for the game, commenting a little bit on what they were going for with it, as well as what the process of getting the Kickstarter up and running was like.

If you’d like to back the game, Todd and Megan would love you forever. You can go here to do so.


Episode 197: What’s Wrong With Bein’ Sexy?

Hosts: EVERYONE! Aka Jenn, Joe, Megan, Scott, Timo, Todd

Recently, Gaming as Women published an article on asking “is he hot” about an NPC. People read it. People discussed it. It got us thinking: how do you know in game? So we discuss hot characters, sexy NPCs, and how you make that a thing at the table.

Also, here’s the thing Scott plugs.

11:24- We’re the Jank Cast
13:05- What’d we play
34:15- Topic
1:23:02- Rants

Actual Play: Lady Blackbird Part I

Players: Dr. Boyfriend, Joe, Megan, Timo, Tom

Two ways to get your fix of the awesome game Lady Blackbird from the Jank Cast!

First, you can go here to read the play by post game Todd is playing in right now!

Second, you can listen to THIS EPISODE of the first session of the Jank Game of Lady Blackbird!