Episode 207: Play by Post II, The Postening

Hosts: Adam, Jenn, Todd

Literally, right after we put up the last cast on play by post, we thought of a bunch of stuff we didn’t talk about that we should have. Additionally, a few listeners brought up some topics we forgot to address. So Jenn, Adam, and Todd reconvene to do a quick follow up cast on PbP. Topics include: post rate, game fade, and why PbP in-game sex is different than at-the-table in-game sex.

Also, a few people asked about our Masks game. For a few reasons, we decided to make the game private since the last cast when we mentioned it. HOWEVER, when we’re done with the game, we might change that and publish it for folks to see. We’ll keep you posted.

Episode 206: Play By Post

Hosts: Adam, Jenn, Todd

After a short break due to lost of traveling for the hosts, we’re back! In this episode, we sit down with our friend Adam to discuss the ins and outs of play-by-post role playing.

What’d we play? 6:53
Topic- 15:30
Rants: 47:34

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Tavern Keeper

Episode 203: Audiences, for Game Chef 2015

Hosts: Jenn, Josh, Megan, Todd

In this episode, we have Josh T. Jordan, one of the runners of this year’s Game Chef, and all around decent type, to talk about the theme of this year’s Game Chef: audiences. We look at it through a variety of angles that will hopefully help you come up with some ideas, if you haven’t already.


Banter: Children are meatbags of disease.

Intro: 6:10

What did we play?: 7:30

Topic: 16:43

Rants: 47:58

Plugs: 53:55
-Jank on Demand
-EnWorld Gameday
-Dice Amnesty Day
-Game Chef, duh.
-Indie Mix Tape Anthologies on Drive Thru RPG

JANK 200!

Hosts: Jenn, Joe, Megan, Scott, Todd

Here it is, folks! Our 200th episode! Whoo!

So we decided to do something a little fun for this one. Megan is starting up a series of interviews with gamers on why they game. As such, we decided to, for our 200th episode, talk about how we got into gaming and what we get out of it. We also do a fairly lengthy rundown of what we played recently which includes D&D, Spark, World Wide Wrestling, and Sorcerer, as well as have a LOT of banter because it’s been a while since we’ve talked. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


14:00- Intro the show, finally.
29:00- Topic
1:05:00- Rants!
Jenn- Fuck lupus.
Joe- Working too much is not good for me.
Scott- D&D is the same the world over.
Todd- Memories and social media. What’s the deal?
Megan- Plug ALL THE THINGS! Particularly JANK AT THE MOVIES, which you should be getting in on, if you’re not. Seriously, Megan’s got a lot of plugs.