Episode 230: Gencon 2017 Discussion

Hosts: Jason, Jenn, Todd

We have on guy-you’ve-probably-never-heard-of-just-kidding-you-love-his-work Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games to talk with Jenn and Todd about Gencon 2017. We discuss a number of games including Limbo, Let’s be Dinosaurs, Poutine, Circles of Power, and more.

Also, Jason gives out the first ever Academy of Roleplaying Game Arts & Sciences (ARPGAS) technical awards:

Best game mechanic – Tabletop

The Beast, Aleksandra Sontowska and Kamil Węgrzynowicz

The Beast’s epistolatory format, leveraging a span of 21 days to help you tell yourself a really dirty story

Best game mechanic – larp

The Tribes, Janan Adawi, Sari Abdo, Majd Hamouri, Mohamad Rabah, Shadi Sader, Shadi Zatara, Tamara Nasar, Amer Kurdi, Loai Misleh

In The Tribes, conflicts are resolved through synchronized dance-offs. The most precise dancing team wins.

Best metatechnique for live action play

The Lookdown, invented by Johanna Kohljonen and Trine Lise Lindahl

A safety calibration mechanic that is intuitive, flexible and elegant

Actual Play: Masks Part 3

Players: Jenn, Joe, Megan, Scott, Timo

We’ve been a bit slow because Todd has been moving back to Illinois. Hooray! But he’s settled now, so we’re going to get back to getting you that sweet, sweet content.

Here is the third installment/second plot based episode of our AP of Masks. Enjoy!

Episode 228: SCUPcast!

Hosts: Jenn, Megan, Tom, Todd

In this episode, we discuss The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power, Tom and Todd’s game that is currently Kickstarting.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can do so here: